Prof. Davis Mwamfupe

Professor of Geography

Mwamfupe is a Professor of Geography. He has taught at the University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam University College of Education and the University of Dodoma until 2016 when he retired from government services. In July 2017 Professor Mwamfupe was elected Mayor of Dodoma Municipal Council, a position he is currently serving. Professor Mwamfupe has published extensively on rural livelihoods, natural resource governance and conflicts. More recently, Professor Mwamfupe has been working on resource curse as it applies to Tanzania’s oil and gas discoveries. This year’s conference sub-theme of geopolitics of hydrocarbons fits squarely on his areas of interest. He is well placed to provide insightful contribution on the struggle for space and power in the bid to control natural resources in the East African region.