Fátima Fernandes Mimbire

PWYP Mozambique

Fátima Fernandes Mimbire is a Mozambican Journalist, with 10 year of experience. Has University Degree in Journalism by. Eduardo Mondlane University and is concluding her MBA in Oil and Gas Business. Management. She is researcher on extractive industry. Worked for CIP from 2013-2019, July. Before join CIP, Fátima Mimbire, worked as senior journalist at Mozambique News Agency and was assistant professor at Escola Superior de Jornalismo (2009-2013) as junior reporter at Embondeiro Weekly and then was invited to join to the first independent newspaper in Mozambique, Savana Weekly, and collaborated with an economic magazine called Capital. In 2013 was coordinating the production of electoral boletim and was in charge of a network of 200 correspondents all over the country.